Sachaqa Centro Del Arte Peru

Sachaqa centro del arte is located in the Amazon Rainforest in the north of Peru near to the city of Tarapoto. 


My aim whilst at the art centre in Peru was to create a loom from recycled materials around the centre. I felt that going back to basics, to build a simple tapestry loom, navajo style would bring me closer to the essence of what it means to weave.


We foraged for materials and found some leftover bamboo poles from the building of our accommodation, we dried them out in the intense sunshine there and they were perfect for creating the main frame. 


The tapestry was created with yarns brought from the UK, and also bought during my travels in both Colombia and Peru. I wanted to create a tapestry in honour of Pacha Mama. I kept this strongly in my mind and worked intuitively to create imagery as I moved up the warp.

The finished piece is called 'Papas, Choclo y Sol' - 'Potatoes, Corn and Sun' .